Weekend Project Update

Some weekends, we build whole dining room tables, some weekends we do huge renovations, and some weekends, we do very minor projects that still make a difference. This weekend was the latter. We didn’t want to plan anything big in case baby #2 decided to make his arrival and honestly, grocery shopping wears me out right now so I’m in no position to be helpful with large projects.

If you read Friday’s post, you know I decided to repaint my kitchen cabinets. Well, at some point after picking out the paint color, I decided to stop everything. I keep jumping from one room to another and nothing is actually finished so we decided to concentrate on the living room, the first room you see when you walk in the house, until it’s done. THEN I will paint those kitchen cabinets again :). The problem is, the things that will make the most difference in the room, also require spending a good amount of money so it might be awhile before we can call that room complete.

This weekend, Colin took on two small projects using materials that we already had and I went shopping for some decorative pieces. We make a great team :).

The first thing he did was change the outlets in Declan’s room. We have been meaning to do this since we painted in there but it kept getting pushed back. This small and cheap project, really makes a big difference. When we moved in, all of the outlets and covers were the manilla colored ones that just looked dingy against the new wall color. The new white ones look crisp against the gray walls. Small changes for a more finished look.


For the second project, he headed back to the living room and added trim around the base of the fireplace. The original plan was just to add the one piece of quarter round shoe molding but it didn’t look right since the top has crown molding. He added a piece of leftover trim from the garage renovation behind the quarter round and it really helped it have a more professional look. He applied the baseboard piece to the bricks with construction adhesive and after letting that sit overnight, he attached the quarter round to the baseboard with one inch finishing nails. After caulking the gaps to make it appear seamless, we threw on a coat of paint. We have been using the color “Snowbound” for all of our trim and we are really happy with it. I plan on using that same color for all of the doors in the house as well.


Now that I’ve told you about two projects that used leftover materials and didn’t cost us anything, let’s talk about the fun stuff that I went shopping for 🙂 I love our white fireplace but ever since I took the Christmas decorations down, I’ve been thinking about what to put in their place that provide color and texture. I wanted a tobacco basket but couldn’t find one under $100 and if you know me, you know that I have a hard time spending that kind of money for one item. Luckily, my mom found one at Kirklands for just $40! Of course, I would have rather purchased from a local artist since I fully acknowledge that basket weaving is an art, but this girl is on a budget so Kirklands won this fight. I also picked up the magnolia wreath from there as well. When I got to the register, I asked the cashier if there were any coupons out right now and she said no but that there is an app that I could download called “Kirklands Spin to Win” and you can spin once a day for coupons. I thanked her and stepped to the side to download the app and spin for a coupon while she helped other customers. It turned out to be totally worth it because I “landed” on a coupon for 15% off of my entire purchase! Definitely download that app if you are planning a Kirklands run! My next stop was Hobby Lobby where I became totally overwhelmed in the floral department and wound up only leaving with the lavender that you see on the mantle. Everything was so pretty, I didn’t know what to get but I really love the purple accent against the white brick. I’m not finished and have a few more ideas for the mantle but I love how it is coming together!


Come back on Friday where I’ll show you how I transformed a light fixture for $6!


Fire Truck Toddler Room

This morning I wondered to myself if I would ever write a blog post about a room being totally finished. We have so many projects in the works and things that we are doing a little at a time so for now, all of my posts will just be updates on what we are working on. I won’t be bringing your totally perfect Pinterest worthy rooms for awhile, if ever. I would have to stop changing things long enough to concentrate on one room and I don’t see that happening for awhile. For example, last night, at 39 weeks pregnant, I decided that I hate the color of my kitchen cabinets that I painted four months ago and that they MUST be painted. Like, this weekend. My husband is praying that I go into labor before I have time for a Lowe’s run.


My Mother in Law found this adorable toddler bed for Declan on Facebook Marketplace for $50 and thus, the theme of the boy’s room was set. Now, honestly, Declan still sleeps in the crib and Connor will spend the first 6 months or so of his life in the basinet in our room, but we went ahead and snatched up the toddler bed for future use.


My super talented friend Tasha made the vinyl name decals on her Cricut and cut them for me for free, I just bought the vinyl! I think each decal cost $9 in vinyl. I bought the vinyl sheets from a vinyl store, not the rolls that you see in Michaels. Eventually, I will be swapping out the crib sheet for a plain gray and adding a navy bedskirt. I don’t want it to get too cartoonish and I want red to be an accent color, not something that immediately hits you when you walk in the door.


I found this fire truck laundry hamper at Ross for $11.99! They had several different sizes but I went ahead and got the largest size because even with just Declan, laundry somehow piles up quickly around here.

That’s all of the updates to the boy’s room for now! I will be doing a walk through of the room on my Instagram stories (@purposefulandPetty) and saving it to my highlights so if you are curious about other details, come on over and watch that! Come back next week to see if I get my kitchen cabinets painted or if I go into labor and push the whole project back 🙂