Let’s Get Fermenting!

Fermented foods and drinks have really been interesting to Colin and I lately. I’ve been interested in brewing Kombucha for awhile now, mainly because buying it at the store can get really expensive, really quickly. Then, out of the blue, Colin came home with the idea to make sourdough bread. He had heard about the benefits of consuming fermented foods on a podcast and wanted to look into making our own sourdough bread. Through researching it, we found a lot of studies that suggest that those with gluten sensitivity did not have the same reaction to sourdough bread as they did to regular bread. The reason for this is that the fermentation process essentially breaks down the gluten proteins, making it easier for some people to digest.

Luckily, we received just what we needed for both projects for Christmas! Colin’s parents got me this kombucha starter kit and Colin a sourdough starter kit. We have had a lot of fun getting both of these started! I will give updates as they come together but right now we are waiting on our two new “pets” to ferment. I will say that kombucha is SO much easier because it is essentially making tea and then letting it hang out in a closet for a week. The sourdough starter has to be fed every 12-24 hours but it is still a fun process to watch!

The sourdough starter has grown tremendously!


My Kombucha has been safely hanging out in the closet since Saturday! Flavor will be added this coming Saturday before the second fermentation. I will make a full post on both of these soon!


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