$120 Dining Room Table!

A few months ago, right after my husband switched jobs, we were browsing a new store in town one Saturday. We needed a dining room table badly but everything we loved was sadly very far out of our price range. On a whim, we decided to go to Home Depot and “just look” at the materials that it would take to build one ourselves. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how this table came to be. We didn’t “just look”, we wound up buying the materials right then and there, going home, and spending the rest of that day and part of the next building this table. It took us a little longer because we mainly worked during naptime and bedtime, but we got it done. Heck, it probably took us a little longer because neither of us had really ever built anything before! From the lumber, to the screws, to the stain, start to finish, this table cost us $120 – Hundreds and hundreds of dollars less than what was being charged for the same kind of table in stores!

We used these plans which were incredibly easy to follow. We had been watching the Shanty 2 Chic girls on youtube for a while and knew that we wanted to build a lot of their projects but I couldn’t be happier with how this one came out! A few weekends later, we also built a bench to match this set and there will be another post about that coming up!

$120 Dining Room Table (1)


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