Weekend Update

This weekend was another laid back weekend for us! The farther into this pregnancy that I get, the slower that I move and the harder it is for me to convince myself to finish home reno projects. Keeping up with cooking, cleaning, and Declan is a full time job especially when he hasn’t been sleeping well lately. This mama is tiredddd, y’all!

Since switching jobs, Colin has taken over Saturday morning breakfast duty and y’all, it’s heavenly. First of all, it’s nice to eat a meal that you didn’t have to cook but even more importantly, before this job change, we didn’t even know what a easy Saturday morning breakfast was! We were always rushing around to get to work and then once Declan came and I stayed home, Colin was always rushing out the door before we were even thinking about breakfast! This is a new concept entirely for us and we love it. Weekends off… What a beautiful thing. If you’ve ever worked retail, you know what I mean lol.

Clearly, Declan likes his Dad cooking breakfast too!


Saturday afternoon was the Lulacrawl that I participated in with four other local consultants so Colin and Declan left the house for a few hours so I could work.

So. Much. Lula. Y’all! Saturday night we ate at my parent’s house and Sunday, we had a rainy sleepy day at home with many naps had by all 🙂 It was a perfect weekend in my book! Here is a picture of Declan lounging with his snacks after doing some grocery shopping with Colin Saturday morning. Love this little guy.



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