Weekend Update and Pumpkin Recipes!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, I know we sure did! We took time for naps, a date night, and church! We made our obligatory trips to Home Depot because that is just what we do now lol but we really took a break from home renovation projects and rested. Colin had a little bit of a cold on Friday and Saturday and Declan and I got about three hours of sleep on Friday night so we all needed the rest! Colin and Declan looked so handsome at church yesterday and Declan did great in the nursery. He even took a two hour nap when we got home… Can we go to church every morning? 🙂



I wanted to share two pumpkin recipes that I tried recently and really liked them!

These Flourless Pumpkin Muffins are incredible! They are so moist and the chocolate chips make them rich and decadent. I used Enjoy Life dairy free chocolate chips and it just pushed these babies over the edge. I have to put them in the freezer or I would eat them all in one day. Even Colin, my notoriously picky husband, can eat three of these in one sitting. He said he can’t tell that they are supposed to be healthy and if you know him, you know most gluten free recipes don’t fly for him because of the difference in texture. If you want something that is healthy, super easy to make, and tastes like dessert, these are for you!

The second recipe is for Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread. My amazing mother in law made this bread and brought it to me in St Louis last weekend! This bread isn’t extremely rich and sweet like the muffins so it can be eaten for breakfast if you are a morning pastry lover! There is just enough pumpkin and spices in this one to make it delicious but it doesn’t taste sweet enough to be dessert.

Come back on Wednesday where I will share some tricks that I have been using to stick to a strict grocery budget and Friday I should have my very first podcast episode for y’all to listen to! Pray for me, I’ve never done this before LOL!


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