What I’m About

Hey Y’all! My name is Katie and I’m a totally normal person. I have been married to Colin, another normal person, for over seven years and we have a 14 month old son, Declan, who I think could be part dragon. We are expecting our second son early next year. I am also a Lularoe consultant, student, and future nurse (here’s hoping!).


You may be asking yourself, “if you’re just a normal person, why do I want to read your blog or listen to your podcast?” Good question. I won’t be everyone’s cup or tea but I know some pretty incredible women that I plan to introduce you to in the coming weeks via podcasts. I’ve wanted to make a podcast for a long time and hope you’ll find the guests that I will be interviewing just as interesting as I do! I basically just want to talk to cool people about cool shit so I hope you’ll join me as I try not to use profanity in case you’re listening around your kids. 🙂


I’ll be using this blog to document my family’s journey through home renovation projects on a budget and living a life on purpose. We have made HUGE changes in the last year. From taking almost $60k in paycuts to buying a house to giving up eating out at every meal, we have learned to live a more fulfilled life with less money and things. I’m more fulfilled than I ever have been and this will be a place to share the hows and whys of that process.


We have a lot to talk about but we don’t have to talk about it all today. Let’s pick back up Monday when we talk about the weekend and I share two awesome pumpkin recipes!


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